Wordpress and Promos? 

So here on WordPress if you look at your stats it will actually show you the search engines that people use to find your blog. (Which is pretty fucking gnarly if you ask me.) 

I check my stats every time I’m on WordPress. So today I’m checking out my Stats, looking at comments and stuff and I look at the search engine and see YouTube. It provides a link and I click on it. 

This girl starts talking and she’s like talking about a one word challenge. (I won’t go into too much detail because you guys should watch it! Haha) anywho she’s all “I found this blog on WordPress and she talks about her life and her life could be a book.” (I’m quoting loosely.) 

She also is like “I’m pretty sure she is being 100% honest, but I’m not sure.” 

You can watch her video Here, check out her other videos and subscribe to her channel if you wish to do so. 

She also has a WordPress and it’s Aliehaleyy. I went and found her on like every social media I have. She is this really bubbly girl, she has a very quirky personality and her facial expressions crack me the fuck up. She does makeup but she has posted other videos too and she has really good opinions and points of views on topics. I don’t know I would totally be this girls friend. 

So to address the honesty thing… I am absolutely being 100% honest. The only stuff I change is names. I’ll give you guys an example. My name starts with the letter “K” I go down the alphabet 5 letters to the letter “P” and I choose a name that starts with “P.” I sometimes will go backwards on the alphabet too. That’s the process I use to change names up. 
I truly am from Texas. The picture you see on my blog or comments is a picture of myself. (I do not believe in *Catfishing.) 

I have been contemplating linking my tumblr to my WordPress so more people can read it and that way I can link articles on WordPress that I like so the 1k plus followers I have can click on and read articles that I find interesting. 

I’m a little nervous to do so, some feedback would be nice. I’m all about promoting the writing world and encouraging those who write to continue writing. 

Another little side note, should I put a disclaimer on my blog about being “R rated” ??? I dunno I feel like I should to be respectful but I haven’t run across anyone younger than 17 here on WordPress. I dunno. Feedback please. 

*Catfish/Catfishing/Catfished: when someone uses your photos from social media or the web and finds details of your life to “impersonate” you on another social media site. Sometimes said person will just use the image and then piece their life together with your photo. 

Ex: “I thought that guy was cute in his pictures but he Catfished me. He doesn’t look anything like his picture. He used someone else’s pictures.”